Are you putting your time and energy on the right things?

October 18, 2017

One of the thoughts that helps me to prioritize most things in my life is to remember this: when it comes to time and energy allocation (or any limited resource, whatsoever), every time we say YES to something, we are saying NO to something else. We all just have 24 hours every day and a third of that (hopefully) goes into sleeping.

Knowing this, I’ve made a practice of continuously questioning how I am spending my time, especially, if I start seeing how certain things I want to do, or goals I have set for myself are not even close to being done/achieved.

Life is full of distractions that can derail us and keep us from moving in the direction of our dreams and goals. So as soon as I find myself overspending time on something, I re-prioritize what the things are that I want to achieve at that given moment, and then I ask myself: Does the activity I am focusing on move me in the direction of my goals or is it a time sucker?

  • What are the things that I am giving up when I decide to focus on this?
  • How is this activity adding value to my life?

I recently downloaded an app called “Moment” to track my screen time daily and I was a little shocked at the hours I spend on my phone and all the times I unlock it (= “check it”). And I imagine I am not alone on this one. So let’s take this typical time sucker as an example: time spent scrolling through social media (IG, Facebook, you name it!). I think dedicating some time to social media can be inspiring (@PlantifulSoul), can get you to laugh (@lelepons), help you relax (@Calm), or it could be part of your job or business growth strategy. BUT if you spend most of your free time compulsively scrolling through your favorite social media platform, it may be time to ask yourself what are you saying NO to in your life as a consequence of that. It may also be a good time to think about the things that you always say you want to do, but you never get to do (working out daily, meditating, reading more, walking, spending time outdoors, cooking, spending quality time with your better half, etc.). I am sure whatever is your answer, it will help you figure out if your current time allocation and priorities are right or if they need a little upgrade. It really helps me! 😉

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