Focus on what you want

November 13, 2017

Several months ago, I had just made soup and, since it was still hot, I wanted to store it in a glass Pyrex container. I got the Pyrex container out and looked for its blue cap in the Tupperware drawer of our kitchen. After 10 minutes of looking around, moving things to see where the blue cap was hiding, I suddenly remembered I had lost that blue cap Pyrex and I had recently bought a red cap one. The very moment I remembered that, I found the red cap in less than 5 seconds.

Now, you may be wondering why in the world am I telling you this seemingly unimportant story? And there’s a good reason. Everything in life works exactly like my super fun kitchen story. We can only see what we are expecting to see. We can only get what we are looking for. We can only create what we focus our attention on.

At any minute, a million things are going on around us, and if our brains actually paid attention to each, it would be technically impossible to get anything done. It’s our ability to focus and process only part of our reality that allows us to keep moving forward. However, that also means that the things we, consciously or unconsciously, focus our attention on, at each given moment, can dramatically change how we experience our lives. Our focus can literally allow us to have the most amazing life, accomplish our wildest dreams, be happy, and reach our fullest potential, or can lead us in the completely opposite direction. The choice is ours. And, we are always choosing even when we are not doing it consciously.

Learning this and putting it into practice dramatically changed the way I face life. Before, every time something bad happened, I would get stuck with negative thoughts and emotions for hours. Heck! Sometimes, even days and weeks. I would go on a never-ending pity party, that would (certainly) only lead me to, guess what? More negative thoughts and emotions. And the reason for this is very simple. Just like I couldn’t find that red cap because I was looking for a blue one, the moment I continued to focus on what was wrong, I dismissed what was right. I could see no solutions or way out. I could only see the darkness and no light at the end of the tunnel. Is that simple! A couple of other reasons focusing on the issue will never get you out of it is that what you focus on, expands. In the simplest words: What you give your energy to grows, just like the grass that you water and care of becomes greener.

So, the next time you find yourself going through a tough time or worrying about the future, stop yourself and focus on what you want. You probably want to find a perfect solution or just want everything to go well. Think of that perfect solution, imagine how you want everything to happen, and you will put yourself in a place where all this can happen. Because why would you look for the blue cap, if you know that you want and need the red one, right? I hope this helps you as much as it helps me. It takes practice, but I promise it’s worth it!

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