what am I up to right now?
  • Getting settled in a new (dream) job #TeamWedmore <3
  • Learning tons about social media for business through @JasmineStar.
  • Finishing a Nutrition and Holistic Health Coaching program.
  • Listening, reading, and learning about entrepreneurship.
  • Connecting with women approaching their 30s or in their 30s to learn more about their most common health & nutrition concerns and doubts and the main obstacles they face in getting healthier through
  • Successfully going through an elimination diet.
  • Getting really creative in the kitchen to eat super yummy and easy meals in spite of my current food restrictions 😉
  • Decluttering (little by little) my clothes, books, and papers, guided by these two books: “Simplify” and “The life-changing magic of tidying up”. It’s been a long process! haha
what am I always working on?
  • Self-awareness, self-knowledge, self-improvement (some way or another!)
  • Improving my English writing skills.

Last updated September 26th, 2017. Inspired by Derek Sivers’ Now page.