You gotta love it!

December 22, 2016

I can count several experiences where I’ve felt, “OMG! I looove it!!!” One I remember vividly was when I found my wedding dress (which I never wore, by the way. And don’t worry, I did get married). I never thought that feeling of finding THE dress was real. Until I did, and I cried from excitement. It was the same with my husband; I just knew he was the one (after spending some time dating, of course). Most recently, I experienced that special feeling when I was getting my second tattoo, which was a small triangle on the wrist. The tattoo artist kept bringing me printed triangles that were not quite what I had in mind. And he brought another, and another, and one more, until finally, ten trials later, I felt it, “OMG! I looove it!!!!” My whole body, heart, and soul jumped with excitement, and I knew it was perfect. This experience immediately triggered a chain of thoughts that reminded me this key lesson from life, one more time: you gotta love it! That statement applies to everything in your life: you gotta deeply LOVE your job, where you live, your husband, your friends, your career, the clothes you wear, and the shoes you buy. Everything that you can select in your life, you should looove!!! And if you don’t, then you better get rid of it. If you kinda like it or it’s so-so, don’t buy it, change it, abstain, ditch it, move on, or say no. Period!

I know this sounds pretty obvious, but so many times in life, I have found myself (and others around me) saying yes to things that were just a ‘maybe’ or a ‘so-so’. And truth be told, when we let into our lives something that we don’t love fully, even something we kind of like, it drags us down, drains us, and it takes out space, time, and/or effort that could be put towards something that is actually awesome.

I won’t put your family on the list since you have no control over them. You came to the world and magically got them assigned to you. So, that’s a little of an exception! For those matters, there’re other things to practice: patience, unconditional love, compassion, and in more dramatic cases, I guess you can also add them to the list. For all the rest, if you don’t love it deeply, it’s time to change it and surround yourself with all the things, people, and experiences that bring you real joy. Start now, start small, but start. And see how you become happier! I know I did!

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  • Reply Monica December 29, 2016 at 7:13 pm

    Completely agree and can’t wait to see more of your post!!! LOVE this blog💖

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